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Saturday, November 18, 2006


It's not easy when it's over but with a little bluetooth technology and electroshock therapy, ZAP-U-PUNCTURE will condition you to move on with your life, and ween you off your ex, while at the same time, making those around you aware of what is happening in your life, and explaining, perhaps, atypical antisocial behavior resultant from the recent life change.
ZAP-U-PUNCTURE is designed to replace positive emotions and the heartache associated with a particular person, with negative emotions, and feelings of irritation and physical pain. ZAP-U-PUNCTURE is a two-piece wearable ensemble equipped with 4 modular bluetooth-enabled patches placed strategically over parts of the body which condition and communicate via electric shock and color respectively. The conditioning is internal, and felt by the user in the form of an electric shock every time they phone or send an SMS to their ex. A color change also occurs and is triggered at the same time, but it is external and communicates to the rest of the world -- friends, family -- the user's proactive attempt at improving their life.


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